Horse Racing Tips That Pay

Horse Racing Tips That Pay

Horse Racing Tips That Pay

Horse Racing Tips That Pay

Hmmmm, Have you heard that before? I certainly have. Truth to tell, tipping services are mostly rubbish. There are a dozen or so that are profitable, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Most of them are long term subscription services that make you pay out hundreds of pounds in advance with no guarantees and no chance of a refund.

Or you have the “Odds to” services that get you to put on bets for them. They only get paid for winning bets, but quite often they still leave you at a loss because while they do get a lot of winners they do not maintain a high strike rate and because ostensibly the tips are free they also do not give a guarantee.

Any service that is worth its salt should offer you three things.

1. A money back guarantee.

The money back guarantee is an absolute must have. It is your right and your guarantee that you will not receive poor quality service. This is your proof against being ripped off. Any service that will not offer you a money back guarantee should be avoided like the plague.

2. Flexibility.

The service should offer you more than just a seasonal ticket. Often you will be asked to pay for a month in advance, but more likely you will be tempted into paying for a three or six month subscription or even a yearly contract. And with no guarantee of making any profits. Most tipping services can hit a lucky streak but all too often they are in a loss situation. Bad luck for you.

You should look around for a service that offers you value for money without tying you in to a long term commitment visit the site

Time enough for that once you have established that the service profit making capability

3. Profits

And of course the service that you choose should make you money regularly and not just over the period of a year. A lot of services hide their losing sequences with profits made from backing 14/1 or 33/1 shots in the bigger races forgetting to tell you that their average strike rate is below 25%.

Any reputable tipping service should proof their tips prior to uploading them. And they should be uploaded to an independent third party who can confirm the claims of the service.

But what about new services?

New services crop up all the time. It is hard to give any firm advice beyond that already given. It is especially difficult to get an estimation of their track record as they obviously do not have one. Check out their offers, money back guarantees and if they seem to be reasonable then by all means try them out. In the competitive climate that now exists new services may provide a profitable alternative to some of the stale and dodgy services that have been around for some time.

If in doubt ask for a free couple of days to sample the service. If they are reputable they should have very little problem with doing this. Just don’t expect them to give you more than two to three days. Remember they are in business and can’t afford to give away too many freebies.

To conclude.

You need to keep your wits about you when choosing a tipping service, don’t rely on word of mouth from other punters especially on forums as you may find that you are guided away from your original choice to a different service. This is deliberate as many of these services haunt the forums with the intent of luring newbies to their services. They may have no knowledge of the service you are asking about but will rubbish it anyway in order to get your confidence.

Also they should have their business details easily available. An email address or contact telephone number. And when you try and contact them you should have no trouble talking to someone. If there are no contact details available or the address is given as a PO box number or the telephone number is an 0800 number, then stop and think why they are not giving you their contact details. It might be better if you don’t give them your hard earned money.

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Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

If you would rather hit the trail or track compared to mall, purchasing on the internet is the best brand out there if this involves discount sporting goods. If this involves purchasing personalized golf balls online, you are able to find all you need and most you can imagine. Indeed, by surfing online, you’ll find much more merchandise that you’d ever happen to be in a position to locateat an outdoor goods store within the physical world.

Furthermore, when you purchase online, you do not even have to set feet outdoors of your house. You could have discount sports of all logo golf balls for your door. From aerobic equipment to wrestling equipment and anything else among, you’ll find great discount rates online for all kinds of sports.

For those who are searching for the very best sports value, then buying on the internet is the best choice. There’s a sizable choice of discount sports equipment, team uniforms, sports apparel and training videos at affordable prices with easy payment options. Plus, you’ll be able to get these items in the convenience of your home with the generally efficient service provided by these website suppliers.

Whether your require is on your own, your team or perhaps an entire league, online will be your reliable and expeditious source for discount sports. The real advantage of buying discount sports on the internet is that you’ve a large choice of apparatus to choose from along with a huge assortment of suppliers you know and trust. Indeed,

you can actually find anything imaginable on the web and Internet within this era.A measure that you ought to take much more the process of getting discount sports around the Internet would be to shop around. Unlike the physical world, you don’t have to spend a lot of time going from one store to another.

Around the Internet, with but a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can go to a variety of website retailers and discover who really has the most effective deal around the items or equipment products that you’re looking for at a time.Additionally to websites established by sporting goods merchants, you will find also a range of wholesale suppliers and producers which have established Internet venues by which they’re able to sell their items.

By dealing directly having a manufacturer or perhaps a wholesaler / retailer, you may enjoy some tremendous savings on discount sporting goods. In most cases, thesemanufacturers and wholesale suppliers don’t even ask you for an additional fee for handling and shipping if one makes the absolute minimum obtain their Online shops.

Sites and overstock stores around the Internet may also function as great venues by which you will find a wide variety of various kinds of discount sports and related items.

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